About the Authors

Doug and Norma Latta

Doug and Norma Latta Early in life Doug was inspired to become an artist by his grandfather, Lyman C. Powell, a forty-year veteran greeting-card designer for the Gibson Greeting Card Company. His admiration for Granddad Powell’s sensitive renderings in nature and portraiture began as a small spark that grew brighter over the years. After a tour of duty in the army, Doug majored in commercial art in college, resulting in a university teaching career that lasted forty years, during which his original spark of interest and skill in art matured into a flaming passion. Twenty years ago he accepted the challenges of directing this passion into the creation of this book. Norma’s inspiration as a writer grew out of her love for her mother’s poetry, written throughout her long life. Having an older brother who is a writer played a major role in her own development as well. Recently her family was influential in the publication of a diary written by her grandfather, who had been a prisoner in the Civil War. The diary is part of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History.

After finishing their college bachelor degrees at East Carolina University, Norma and Doug married and began a wonderful life together in the field of art. In 1965, Doug began a career as art director at CBS affiliates in North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee. When they were in Nashville, Norma began teaching art education in the local public schools while also earning a master’s degree in art education from Vanderbilt University, George Peabody College for Teachers. Later they moved to Tallahassee, Florida, where Doug earned the Master of Fine Arts degree from Florida State University. His first teaching position led them to a college in Arkansas where they became the parents of a baby boy. Their lives dramatically changed during their stay in Arkansas, when a near-fatal tornado swooped over their neighborhood, destroying almost everything in its path. This close call shook them to the core of their lives, resulting in a quest for what life is really all about. During this quest the beautiful and intricate wonders of the Bible began to resonate in their lives, resulting in their thorough acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

In 1994, they were blessed again, with another baby boy, and are grandparents now of three boys from their first son. Doug finished his academic career by teaching graphic design at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma for over twenty-two years and recently retired as Professor Emeritus. Norma spent many years teaching at ORU as well as in public and private schools. She is presently teaching private art lessons in her studio in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. They both have published their artwork and have won prizes in juried art shows. Their work is represented in private collections throughout the South and Southwest. Most recently a portrait that Doug created for David Barton’s Wallbuilders ministry appeared on the Glenn Beck television program. The portrait chronicled the moment that the Reverend John Muhlenburg showed his congregation a colonel’s uniform under his clerical robes as his sermon invited them to join him in the revolutionary fight for liberty.


    Through Faces of Truth, we feel a new attachment to many Christians historically used by God to shape our country. With the vivid life-like images drawn by Doug, and the inspiring mini-biographies penned by Norma, we find a new appreciation for these great heroes. Thomas Jefferson once remarked: “I am an enthusiast on the subject of the arts — but it is an enthusiasm of which I am not ashamed, as its object is to improve the taste of my countrymen.” He could have easily been speaking of this book — an indispensable work for those who want added reason to appreciate America’s greatness.
    David Barton — President, WallBuilders

    You hear inspiring tales of heroism, and you wonder—what did he or she look like in real life? Too often there is at best a poor record, or none at all. But now, there is. Master artist and portraitist, Doug Latta, has mused over the lives and challenges of 101 of history’s great heroes and heroines. Taking into consideration the sum total of their accomplishments, he has imagined how their character might be reflected in their faces. Looking at them and reading of their lives, we can imagine what it must have been like to know them . . . . and perhaps one day to be like them.
    David Manuel, co-author of The Light and the Glory.

    What a wonderful kaleidoscope of men and women of integrity throughout history. I really enjoyed the visual images and the story behind the face.
    Laura Holland, MFA Chair of Communication, Arts and Media at Oral Roberts University

    It is always inspiring to read of God’s handiwork in the lives of others. Faces of Truth, by Doug and Norma Latta, is an interesting compilation that I believe will bless all who read it.
    Mark Rutland, Ph.D. — President, Oral Roberts University

    Faces of Truth is a must read! The inspiring pictures and insightful content make this the right book at the right time. Read it and let your mind be challenged and even changed.
    Ron Woods — Lead Pastor, The Assembly, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

    It has been said that “where there is greatness, great government or power, . . . error also is great.” While America has had great failings over the years, she also has done great things in the world and for her world. I am glad to see that my friend, Doug Latta, is revealing truths about America’s contributions, which the world—and some Americans themselves —have somehow forgotten.

    Roy Rogers and Dale Evans appealed to me the most because of their unabashed witness for Jesus, notwithstanding all those Hollywood naysayers. I had an opportunity to meet Dale when she visited the ORU campus in the mid-60s. I remember sitting with her and my mother in the ORU cafeteria (when it was originally in Timko-Barton Hall). What a precious woman of God she was!
    Roberta Roberts Potts, J.D. — Member, ORU Board of Trustees

    Doug and Norma Latta’s decades-long study of famous Christians throughout the centuries provide, a glimpse at how our culture was shaped by extraordinary people. Their Christian influences brought about change, and helped shape our society. Doug did not have pictorial references to many characters in this book, and yet, through his research, he gives us a beautiful rendering. These exhaustive Christian biographies and fine-art detail make this book a must-have for schools, churches, homes, homeschoolers and colleges. Doug’s colored pencil technique is truly breathtaking, and he is able to capture stunning beauty in every character. This book will make an impression and nudge you to make a stand for what you believe.
    Angela Byers — Principle, Byers Creative LLC

    It is exciting to see a collection of Mr. Latta’s amazing portraits! I have always been a huge fan of his incredible gift, and to be able to share it with my children is a blessing. What a beautiful way to help preserve America’s historical truth.
    Daniel Hook, Inc. — Designer

    Seldom can you find a book on Christian and American heritage, based on the true lives of patriots, so inspiring as this book by Doug Latta. Knowing Mr. Latta personally for several years, I can truly verify this work is based on his many years of research and dedication, with his personal artistic touch of a master’s hand in the Character studies. This book represents not only the heroes of history, but an emphasis on how we are challenged to also be life changers from their examples, for the generations that follow us.

    Each unique character study presents a pleasant surprise and message that can be used to pattern our life today. You get a strong patriotic appreciation for the sacrifices and contributions of so many patriots and heroes of the past. It is amazing how so many life changers of the past have a common belief and faith in God and the Bible. It is not by accident they were anointed to make a difference in history through their dedication to truth and service for others.

    I have not seen anything equivalent to the professionalism of this book of character history of our patriots with a Christian background that can best describe how we are truly indebted to those that have sacrificed for our freedom.

    You will find no opinions or arguments of philosophy by the author, only the facts of the background of respectful men and women. Each character has a unique background but a common faith in God. This was used to develop their success of achievement that changed the course of history for mankind. Based on this record, we are indebted to those before us that have set the pace for achievement based on true character, Godly beliefs and accomplishments to help others.
    Don L. Love, Ph.D., P.E.

    Every American should read Faces of Truth to get the historical truth about our great American leaders. Using his God given talent, Doug Latta has done a masterful job on each illustration, capturing the personality of each American hero. A job well done.
    Frank Garner — International Broadcast Designer

    Doug Latta has an amazing ability to capture the essence of the spirit of his subject matter in his illustrations. I am always amazed at the level of detail and finesse he puts into the pieces of art he creates. The illustrations within this book are no different. The artwork comes alive with each page and recounts the story of this great nation.
    Jason Madding — Director of Marketing, Lakewood Church / Joel Osteen Ministries, Texas

    Doug and Norma’s work is both a testament to their tremendous talent as artist and writer as well as the great men and women who, over the course of this country’s cultural development and history, have made the sacrifices necessary for us to live in the great nation that America is today. Readers of this book will truly know what it means to be a part of a country that has been, is, and always will be the land of the free, the home of the brave, and one nation under God.
    Jason Rodriguez — Graphics Designer, Christian Broadcasting Network

    The artistry and research that has been compiled by Doug is truly remarkable. I believe his works should be in EVERY library in the country, and Faces of Truth will become a valuable teaching tool for those teaching about our Christian heritage.
    Randy C. Cowell M.S., CFP — Author, Columnist, and Speaker

    The exquisite collection of artistic portraitures emotionally draws readers into a bonus educational experience filled with inspirational biographies and a reminder of the rich faith-based American history not readily found in secular reference materials.
    Shelley Pawlyk — Banking Industry Consultant

    A wonderful piece of illustration. A rare and amazing book.
    Timothy Martin — Art Director, Christian Broadcasting Network

    This is a volume to be treasured. Researched with the mind of a historian, communicated with the heart of a Christ follower and rendered with the hands of a master. The Lattas have given a fresh breath of life to these historical characters. Doug Latta is a modern day Master!
    Tony LeTourneau — Illustrator