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During the 20th century our American society has been almost totally secularized. This book brings to the forefront our Christian heritage through the lives of these 101 extremely famous major achievers.

A large 9"x 12" museum quality “coffee table” type book with 101 high quality fine art full-color portraits each of which visually enhances 101 brief historical biographies ranging between 500-1400 words.

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The premise of this book is to show what can be achieved through people of many races and in all walks of life when they let their Creator help them reach their full potential. We have purposely chosen individuals from many centuries of Western cultural development who were super achievers in their fields, such as the arts, science, business, public service, war heroes, inventors, journalism, athletics, etc., none of whom were primarily clergy. Through these lives we hope that the reader will realize that God wants to help people in all occupations to achieve the highest levels of excellence so that they can give Him credit for the talents He has bestowed upon them. It is hoped that the excellence and perseverance in the lives of these one hundred and one people will bring great glory to God and inspire many others to do the same. It is important for you to realize that all of the subjects in this book are deceased Christians, from many denominations, who demonstrated great amounts of strength of character in their lives. They also had flaws in their lives, as do we all, including the book's artist and its writer. America herself has not been without flaws. Her worst and most obvious flaw was her early acceptance of slavery. In this book you will find many of the Christian leaders in America and England who, applying biblical principles, successfully pressed relentlessly for the abolition of slavery, which ended this terrible sin. We can all rejoice in knowing that all of our flaws are redeemable through Jesus Christ. We hope that the artwork and the writing found on these pages will inspire and educate you and whet the appetite to learn more about each of these individuals through each subject's set of citations. The truth is always essential in education, and it will surely set us free.

In 1988, when we began the making of this book, Norma and I set out to play our part in our Lord's Great Commission by taking His gospel into all the world using our talents in art and in writing and to profess to our students to do the same with their talents. In the last couple of generations, the American culture has fallen into a serious downward slide away from the founders' values and their Judeo-Christian influence. This slide has been fueled by some educators who have demonstrated their embarrassment over the founders' belief in the claims of the Bible and of Jesus Christ by changing our history from the truth. It should surprise no one that efforts at changing our history from what is true and good has produced increases in moral decay, violence, and hopelessness. We know that without a vision people will surely perish and go the way of other "great" civilizations. No one should want the dream of freedom and liberty to fail. It is our prayer that the reader will hereby realize the great influences on our culture that the people in this book had and go forward with a clearer understanding of the destiny God provided for all of us.

Each portrait and short biography is a special creation made from multiple textural and visual reference resources. When we read about historical people, it is sometimes difficult to realize them as real living people. The rendering of each subject's signature into their portrait is intended to help add a sense of his or her true humanity. For three portraits, signatures were not found, resulting in our use of an appropriate style of text rendering of their names. The portraits were created with the use of pigmented wax-based color pencils by means of using multiple applications of layers of transparent hues, which produce lively shadows and highly controlled form development.

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